ComBi Deal, Seat Pad & Grip Masters

ComBi Deal, Seat Pad & Grip Masters



Designed to provide better finger protection and grip, these are formulated to provide maximum grip and comfort. The pad design allows cool air to flow around the hand, while making taking the pads on and off quick and easy. these are a life saver for your hands and a must have essential for all rowers,

The seat pads are made from the latest material which surpasses others on the market for extra comfort, with great grip it will not slip & slide around on the seat , this provides the comfiest row around with cut out sections in the middle for the pelvis and at the rear to accommodate the coccyx. This seat pad doesn't need to be stuck to the seat so it can be easily transferred between machines at home or in the gym. the more comfy you are during your rowing the better quality your sessions will be.



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